Q:  What does the name “Cloud to Ground Learning” mean?

It’s about meeting your learning goals by combining digital (cloud-based) resources with grounded, local ones.  It’s also about bringing vaguely defined, “cloudy” aspirations into your on-the-ground reality.

It plays on the term “cloud to ground lightning” from meteorology.  There’s power in making the connection!

Q:  Can you write me a recommendation?

A:  Of course!

Q:  How can I demonstrate my work to an employer or educational institution?

A:  We can work together to create products that show your process or final project.  A website or blog is often useful, and I can help you make one.

Q:  Do you work long distance (via Skype, etc.)?

A:  Yes, I do work with clients in distant places.  The key to making it work is to have strong on-the-ground support.

Q:  Do I have to know exactly what I want to work on?

A:  No. I can help you organize your ideas.  For really big projects, I generally suggest breaking them into discrete parts.  It’s helpful to complete one learning program before starting another, just as conventional education is broken into courses.

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