Individual Coaching

We start with a question: what do you want to learn or accomplish?  

flag representing destinationThe first meeting is all about your goals and motivations, any previous attempts to fulfill them, and your preferred ways of working.

Then we get creative about resources: people, websites, organizations–many different kinds of resources that might relate to your goal.  You don’t get lost in endless internet searches!  Check out some examples here.

pathway 3Then we start breaking down the big goal into smaller ones and matching them with resources.  We create a timeline that suits your schedule.

And then you’re on your way!  But you don’t go it alone–we meet to review progress, discuss changes, and consolidate your findings.  Sometimes there are issues with tech tools or unavailable resources.  We solve problems together and keep an eye on the big picture.

From gap year projects to travel in retirement, all kinds of topics can be addressed this way.


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